The World Handicap System
The handicaps of all club golfers worldwide are administered according to the World Handicap System.

The WHS is designed to attract more players to the game and enable as many golfers as possible the opportunity to:

Obtain and maintain a Handicap Index
Use their Handicap Index on any golf course in England, Great Britain and around the World
Compete, or play recreationally, with anyone else on a fair and equal basis.

Updates to the Rules of Handicapping applicable from 1st April 2024:

• Course Rating minus Par included in the calculation of Course Handicap
• Playing Handicap in Stroke Play calculated using Unrounded Course Handicap
• Playing Handicap in Match Play calculated using Rounded Course Handicap
• Handicap allowance in Match Play applied to the difference in Playing Handicaps
• Scores from Four-ball count for handicap, subject to meeting certain criteria
• Use of Expected Scores for holes not played
• In Foursomes, Greensomes and Texas Scrambles when play is from 2 tees - the par of one tee set is used in the calculation of all Course Handicaps