Introducing Feed On The Green @ Chorlton-Cum-Hardy GC
Feed On The Green offers a menu boasting a fresh take on many classics, available in the Clubhouse 7 days a week.
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Our Chef Jamie "Mr D" Dargie

Feed on the Geen creator and chef Jamie Dargie started as a chef working for the late great Gary Rhodes at Touch of Rhodes in Manchester and Rhodes and Co, learning from the best and quickly progressing to Sous Chef. Jamie left there to take up his first Head Chef Position with Thistle Hotels. Since then Jamie has worked at Executive Chef level in the corporate market, in other hotels and restaurants collecting many accolades and rosettes along the way, this included the hosting and delivery of the national Hoteliers Ball.

Like many in the hospitality industry, Jamie's job was massively effected by Covid and whilst on furlough and looking for something to do, his wife Rachel begun to post the food he was making for the family. Upon seeing this, friends were soon contacting and asking if he would cook them a lock down family meal and from this Friday night Feed was born. Through the utilisation of social media Friday night Feed each quickly grew from 20 people ordering and soon was surpassing over 100 orders each week! This this was soon noticed by BBC and Jamie appeared on the Aiden Childes show and also the BBC News at 1.

Jamie has also appeared in print as part of Manchester’s own very first cookbook ‘The Manchester Cookbook’ alongside celebrity chef, Aiden Byrne.

So with great pleasure, Jamie and his team in partnership with Cholrton-cum-Hardy Golf Club bring you Feed On The Green.


Baked Maple Gammon & Mustard 5 Baked Ham & Mature Cheddar 7
Tuna Mayo Crunch 5 Beef & Blue Cheese, Pepper Sauce 9
Mature Cheddar & Spring Onion 5(V) ThreeCheese & Sundried Tomato 7(V)
Roast Beef, Horseradish Mayo 5 Philly Steak 9
All the above are served as White or Wholemeal Bloomer with Kettle Crips, House Slaw All the above are served with House Slaw
Soup of the Day 5 (served with baked bread) Skins on Fries 3 freshly baked sourdough pizza
Corned Beef Hash Cake 6 (served with soft poached egg, hot brown sauce) Cheeseburger Fries 6 Classic Margherita 9(V)
Cheese & Branston Croquettes 5(V) Korean BBQ Beef Kimchi Fries 6 Koreran BBQ Beef 10
Salt n Pepper Calamari 6 (served with oyster sauce mayo) Katsu Chicken Fries 6 Nduja & Pepperoni 10
Legendary Wings (6 or 12 in a choice of flavours) Bravas Fries, Aioli 4 Roasted Vegetable 9(V)
Hot Buffalo 4 / 8 Salt n Pepper Fries 4 additional toppings available (+1)
Korean BBQ 4 / 8 Mixed Salad 3(V)  
Salt N Pepper 4 /8 Tomato & Onion Salad 3(V)  
  Mixed Greens 3(V)  
  Chilli & Garlic Sourdough 6.5(V) flatbread to share  
Beer Battered Fish & Fries 12 (served with manchester caviar, tartare sauce) The Big Manc 10 (our take on the legendary big mac, 2 patties)
Baked Ham & Eggs 10 (served with fries, mustard mayo) The Little Manc 7 (1 patty)
Grandads Sausage & Mash 10 (served with wilted greens, onion gravy) Smoking Pig 12 (2 patties, smoked bacon, smoked chipotle sauce, american cheese)
Aged Rib Eye Steak 15 (served with fries, vine tomato, peppercorn sauce) Sweet Beefy Jesus 12 (2 patties, loads of brisket, sweet jalapeno pickle, american cheese)
Salt n Pepper Scampi 12 (served with fries, yuzu & wasabi mayo) Korean Fried Chicken 12 (kimchi, gochujang mayo, korean bbq sauce & sesame)
Great Northern Pies 12 (served with buttered mash, greens & rich gravy) - please ask for todays flavours Original Bird 10 (fried chicken, american Cheese, smoked garlic aioli)
  Plant Power Tower 12 (V) (movin mountain burger, smashed hash & avocado, marmite, chilli mayo)
  All served with skin on fries

BRUNCH: Served between 8:30 - 12:00 [Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday]

SUNDAY LUNCH: Served between 13:00 - 17:00 [2 Courses 16 - 3 Courses 21 - Under 12's Main Course 5]

Smoked Bacon 3.5 Soup of the Day with baked bread
Grandads Sausage 3.5 Corned Beef Hash Cake with soft poached egg & hot brown sauce
add smashed has or fried egg or smashed avocado +1 Calamari with smoked garlic aioli
-------------------------- Prawn & Avocado Cocktail with bloody mary dressing
BENNIE'S Cheese & Branston Croquette with tomato chutney (V)
Baked Ham 8 --------------------------
Smoked Salmon 8 MAIN EVENT
Aged Rib Eye 10 Sirloin of Beef
-------------------------- Chicken Ballantine
WAFFLES Maple Glazed Gammon
Banana & Hazelnut Choc 5.5 Asparagus & Emmental Pithivier (V)
Berries & Cream 5.5 --------------------------
Smoked Bacon & Maple 5.5 THE END
-------------------------- Sticky Toffee Pudding with vanilla pod ice cream
BIG FEED BREKKIE Baked New York Cheesecake with macerated strawberries
Full English 9 [smoked bacon, grandads sausage, black pudding, vine tomatoes, beans, fried or poached egg, hash, mushrooms] Chocolate Fudge Brownie with vanilla pod ice cream
Meat Free 8 (V) [glamorgan sausage, vine tomatoes, beans, fried or poached egg, hash, mushrooms & toasted bloomer] Selection of English Cheese (+2.5)
Pot of Yorkshire Tea 1.7 Espresso 1.5
Assorted Teas 1.7 Americano 2
  Flat White 2.5
  Mocha Reg 2.5 / Large 2.9
  Latte Reg 2.5 / Large 2.9
  Cappuccino Reg 2.5 / Large 2.9
  Hot Chocolate Reg 2.5 / Large 2.9

Please feel free to download the menu, if required