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A hole by hole guide to Chorlton-cum-Hardy Golf Club

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Hole 1

Apparently Peter Alliss once remarked that this stroke index 5 is one of the toughest in the country. The average club golfer faced with a par 4 of 431 yds should have taken the time to warm up properly before tackling this.If you avoid out of bounds on both sides of the fairway off the tee, an accurate long iron shot into a well protected green awaits to have a chance for a par!

Hole 2

Although this 275 yds par 4 is stroke 13 it can be an early card wrecker. Trees on the right are easy to avoid but keep clear of the ditch on the left. Across the ditch is out of bounds. Try not to go bunker hopping across the narrow green with a hogsback down the middle.

Hole 3

Aim left of the first fairway bunker, being careful of the ditch on the left, to position yourself to carry the fairway width second bunker with a short ditch on the right and approach between the greenside bunkers. Look for the subtle borrows on this largish green.

Hole 4

Tough par 3! Either a good carry over the front guarding bunker or go slightly right for the bail out area by the trees on the right then chip and putt for par. The ditch in front of the tee is out of bounds along its length. I can’t understand why its playing average is 4.6!!

Hole 5

Ease the tee shot down the middle and uphill and you will easily avoid the left ditch and out of bounds which follows the curve at the bottom left of the hill, chip onto the green and suss out tricky borrows and you could make birdie. A safe way is to play 5 iron then 7 iron and take two putts.

Hole 6

Index 17 on the card therefore it must be one of the easiest – only if you stay straight. Stray offline and there are trees on both sides leaving shots over the front guarding bunkers with further bunkers and bushes at the back of the green to catch the “thin”.

Hole 7

The longest par 4 in the North West. Deservedly stroke 1 due to its length of 470 yds with an uphill finish. The average golfer tends to see the distance as a challenge requiring more effort, forcing errors. Look for the ditch markers left and right as you approach the ridge on the fairway. The large undulating green deserves respect. Play for a 5 and the par is a bonus!! Check the pin position on the adjacent 16th whilst you are in the vicinity.

Hole 8

Carry the ditch with your tee shot, usually into the wind; make it inside the 150 marker for two then a strong uphill shot to the green. Depending on the pin position see if you can two putt. Well placed greenside bunkers are not put there as ’window dressing’. You will feel pleased to make par 5 on this stroke 8 hole.

From this green walk forward with the fencing on your right and down the pathway past the 15th tee to the 9th tee.

Hole 9

More trees for the right handed slicer to cope with, then carry the ditch and see how the green presents itself. Feel confident but don’t forget out of bounds on the left and just one bunker on the right.

Time for a coffee at “Danny’s Diner” (bring your own) or take shelter whilst waiting for the 10th green to clear. Be mindful of  holding up following players if you do have refreshments at this stage.

Hole 10

Make sure to tee up on the left of the teeing ground, it may help to prevent pulling out of bounds on the left. If you go in the bunker on the right you have another chance to go out of bounds as you thin it out. A well positioned front bunker catches the scuttled tee shot! A simple par 3.

Hole 11

The tee tends to direct you towards the Mersey so a slight fade past the central fairway bunker makes a good shot .Aim left of the next fairway bunker and you will avoid the greenside bunker to the right of the green. Bogey is acceptable on this stroke 2 par 4.

Hole 12

Two bunkers either side of the fairway to catch both the shorter and longer tee shots. Greenside bunkers left and right with an unexpected pot bunker also on the right. No problems on this McKenzie green.

Hole 13

If you can’t stop a 161yd tee shot quickly after carrying the front guarding bunkers try lagging up, chip and putt. There are six bunkers on three sides of this green. You will get nothing for playing left or long on this par 3.

Hole 14

Stay left of centre with your tee shot after carrying the ditch and your approaching iron shot won’t be blocked out by the trees around the WW II bomb crater on the right. Two bunkers on the right of this McKenzie. Not as difficult as its stroke 6 suggests.

Walk past the shelter and uphill to 15th tee.

Hole 15

Long and narrow off the tee with what was once Hardy Farm orchard out of bounds on the left and more nuisance trees on the right. After the bunker on the right edge of the fairway play a provisional ball if you go in the trees on the right. You won’t be impressed with the “Valley of Sin”. Yet another McKenzie green with out of bounds left of the banked surround of the green.

Hole 16

Miss the ruins and trees on the right, avoid the pond on the left, a couple of grass bunkers, couple of ditches, a small copse of crab apple trees and a pot bunker halfway up the hill and lo and behold you’re on the green. You should have checked the pin position when on the 8th tee! If the pin is down the dip in the bottom corner it’s not easy.

Hole 17

Regarded as our signature hole. A small oak tree forces a lofty tee on this 131yarder with Captains Charity bunkers on both sides. 20 pence donations in the box on the bar please for each shot!

Hole 18

Problems are not quite over yet. Stay straight with a 5 iron past the bunker when the fairway opens out with more out of bounds over the ditch to the right. Wedge or 9 iron into the green where our Greens staff find plenty of evil pin positions on this green. Let’s hope there isn’t a crowd on the decking at the rear of the clubhouse to watch you 3 putt this one.

The Nineteenth

Discuss your wonderful round and explain to your friends again just how you managed to avoid all the interesting obstacles this course offers unwary golfers. Enjoy the convivial atmosphere of the Grade II listed Barlow Hall whilst partaking of refreshments, liquid and other. These notes were compiled by an 11 handicap member to assist in your enjoyment of the course, which whilst not long at 5994 yds, is tricky. Having had a good day at CcHGC why not enquire about Membership. Information elsewhere on this website.


CcHGC Scorecard

2nd Tee
Course Guide

A short but accurate tee shot is required on this early 'card wrecker'!

4th Tee
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A long Par 3: This holes playing average is 4.6

11th Green
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Stroke index 2 has a well protected green and accuracy is a must

4th Green
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Miss this left or right and you face a tough 'up & down'!

17th Green
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Our signature hole - short but tricky...

16th Green
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Remember to check the pin position when leaving the 8th Tee

18th Green
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Historic Barlow Hall overlooks our 18th Green where well earned refreshments await